7 days in Italy

In June 2013 we took “Chinese godfather of rock” Cui Jian and legendary music producer Howie B to Italy for a Journey of Inspiration. Over 7 days we drove from Venice to Lake Como, Milan, Florence and deep down into Tuscany to meet people and explore places. These impressions than culminated into a beautiful song and a stunning short film.

Here is a write-up of the campaign

The short film

And a few stills

Cui Jian on the horn

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Yihaodian – 1000 stores

Yihaodian is an online grocery shop in China. It is quite popular amongst the busy white-collar workers. However most people still used to and prefer to shop in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Steal customers from the much bigger brick-and-mortar super store like Tesco, Metro and Carrefour.

We opened 1000 stores in China’s first and second tier cities. And we opened them overnight. Those stores were made of pixels and bytes and accessible with a location based (LBS) augmented reality (AR) app. Each store measured 40 x 40 meters which gave us and instant 1.6 million sqm prime commercial real estate.

Yihaodian’s revenue increased 17% over a 3 months period. The promotional video got 2 million views on Chinese video sharing sites. Hundreds of influential local and international media covered the idea.

Here is the campaign landing page that explains everything very neatly.

eType Personality Test iPad APP

eType – the personality card game APP for the iPad to get to know yourself and your friends.

eType is based on the scientific Enneagram personality test – but instead of answering a boring questionnaire, you simply pick 4 visual cards that best describe you and get an instant analysis. Play for yourself or with friends and colleagues and find out how you relate to each other.

The enneagram is a typology of human personality that has been used by millions around the globe. The eType cards is a patented card game that has been tested with thousands of individuals and will help you to better understand yourself and the ones around you.

Key Visual

Loading Screen

Home Screen

The cards on the table

Chose 4 cards that evoke strong feelings in you

You can also get rid of the cards you chose and replace with others

Your personal results journal

The open journal shows the results

The results library

Compare two types


Volkswagen Touareg – A Journey Beyond

The New Touareg was the most important launch amongst the 2010 Volkswagen China imported car models. We planned to make its remarkable off road abilities, and levels of luxury into a bold statement about imported Volkswagens, and the Volkswagen brand in China. However, at the same time it was essential to preserve and build on Volkswagen’s heritage of making cars ‘for the people.’

Our idea was to show the New Touareg in stories and locations which would resonate with Chinese people on a deep and emotional level.

Our launch demonstrated how not just challenging landscapes, but also challenging cultural differences can be overcome and even celebrated in today’s China. And we chose the rugged landscapes, and ethnically diverse people, of China’s far western semi-autonomous region, Xinjiang to be New Touareg’s co-stars.

The heart of our campaign was an emotional 21 minute film, and an exciting and spectacular TV ad which would work together. The story of the TV ad is also the climax of the film, but the ad and film can both be viewed independently.

Both were shot by the native Xinjiang Director, Lu Chuan, and the film was released in three parts online in the month before launch to create buzz and excitement.

100 Sec TV Commercial

27 Minutes Short Film

Print Campaign

Launch Print Ad

Launch Print Ad

Launch Print Ad

TRIBAL DDB – Asia-Pacific Showcase

The 17 offices in Tribal DDB Asia Pacific produce many a great campaign throughout the year. To celebrate the best of the best, we launched a creative portfolio at www.tribalddbasia.com

The design approach of the site came from three angles: It needed to be visually simple and put the actual work into the foreground. At the same time the site had to be striking and impactful to get a small “whooo” moment from viewers. The third angle was branding and we decided to play around with Tribal’s logo shape, which looks different in every market.

Out came a simple but slick portfolio site, done in Flash Papervision 3D. It plays with the Logo we all love and showcases the work we are all proud of.

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MOTOROLA – Slash it with Beckham

The MOTORAZR is so thin and so strong, it can cut through anything, from paper to steel. You got to feel this for yourself. If you hold an open RAZR in your hand, you feel a special kind of power. It’s elegant, stylish and commanding. It makes you feel like, well like slashing things with it.

This website launched the MOTORAZR in Japan with David Beckham.

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The MOTOROKR E6 is an all-in-one entertainment station: Music, video, games and much more. Once you have it, you not going to give it away.

In this interactive banner you need to use every trick to get Jay Chou’s MOTOROKR.

WWF – Don’t let this be the end

The Asian Tiger is nearly extinct – not because it’s unfit to survive in its environment, but due to excessive human poaching. WWF wanted to change behavior before it is too late. Part of that effort included sending an email to their database group of supporters along with a MMS message and using a banner ad to draw attention from potential supporters while getting the message out there that their extinction is of extreme concern.


WWF Banner

Mobile MMS

Audi Quattro – A gripping story

Audi set a milestone in drive technology 25 years ago with Quattro permanent four-wheel drive. The “25 years of Quattro” campaign had to celebrate the achievements and educate the online audience about the benefits of Quattro technology: More driving pleasure and more safety through a perfect grip, no matter in what condition.

Audi Quattro Banners