think UK – create your future

In 2002, the British government conducted a global survey to better understand perceptions of the UK. China was revealed to be a market where people had outdated perceptions of the UK, or no perception at all. In order to counter these perceptions, the British government have launched the Think UK campaign: an initiative to provide greater access to creative and innovative ideas from contemporary Britain to 16-35 years in 4 key cities across China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing.

The Think UK Future Journey, a SMS trivia and a website had to show and communicate an innovative and creative angle of the UK to the online target audience.

Postcards, radio and web banners drove to opt-in to the game. Print advertising supported the overall brand message of the campaign: Think UK – create your future.

Lots of creative and innovative prizes, including the main prize, a trip to the UK, could be won based on the amount of questions answered correctly. At any point the player could go to the site and ask the expert about the background of a particular field of interest. Also there were 4 interactive web questions to answer to get the maximum amount of points.