MOTOMUSIC – Get closer to Jay Chou

Chinese consumers are used to download unlicensed, and therefore illegal, music from the internet to play it on their computers or mobile phones. Motorola China wants to make MOTOMUSIC.COM.CN the number one legal digital music download site in China. To kick-start MOTOMUSIC.COM.CN, Motorola signed Asia’s number one pop star, Jay Chou.

The 360 campaign including TVC, MTV and Channel V indents, viral, email, banners and a campaign site, promoted Jay’s new album, now exclusively for download on MOTOMUSIC.COM.CN.

The website, as the key element of the campaign, was built on the idea of getting close-up to Jay, a rather un-approachable pop legend. It offers the tracks a full length MP3 and ringtone download. 8 extremely rare interviews with Jay can be seen, a behind the scenes video and director cuts of the TVCs can be downloaded and a video mixer gives the user control over Jay’s dance moves.