AUDI Q7 – Adventure Chonicles

The new Audi Q7 is the first 3rd generation premium SUV. The car sets new standards in this segment with its 4 defining characteristics: design, performance, luxury, and individuality. The campaign had to create awareness and anticipation around the Q7 launch and generate leads for dealer follow up.

Under the brand idea of “discover your own adventure”, the integrated campaign was designed as a broad societal project of a philosophical & intellectual nature to redefine the meaning of adventure. 16 Chinese celebrities stated their personal adventures in the fields of design, performance, luxury and individualism. Their interviews were then published in four leading Chinese magazines as the “Audi Adventure Chronicles”.

The website played a central role in the campaign. Starting from the campaign visual of a coastal villa, users can literally move to three hotspots: They can go outside to explore the car, they can sit down on the table and read the chronicles and through the picture-frame can participate at the “what adventure have you discovered” competition.

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