Volkswagen Touareg – A Journey Beyond

The New Touareg was the most important launch amongst the 2010 Volkswagen China imported car models. We planned to make its remarkable off road abilities, and levels of luxury into a bold statement about imported Volkswagens, and the Volkswagen brand in China. However, at the same time it was essential to preserve and build on Volkswagen’s heritage of making cars ‘for the people.’

Our idea was to show the New Touareg in stories and locations which would resonate with Chinese people on a deep and emotional level.

Our launch demonstrated how not just challenging landscapes, but also challenging cultural differences can be overcome and even celebrated in today’s China. And we chose the rugged landscapes, and ethnically diverse people, of China’s far western semi-autonomous region, Xinjiang to be New Touareg’s co-stars.

The heart of our campaign was an emotional 21 minute film, and an exciting and spectacular TV ad which would work together. The story of the TV ad is also the climax of the film, but the ad and film can both be viewed independently.

Both were shot by the native Xinjiang Director, Lu Chuan, and the film was released in three parts online in the month before launch to create buzz and excitement.

100 Sec TV Commercial

27 Minutes Short Film

Print Campaign

Launch Print Ad

Launch Print Ad

Launch Print Ad