eType Personality Test iPad APP

eType – the personality card game APP for the iPad to get to know yourself and your friends.

eType is based on the scientific Enneagram personality test – but instead of answering a boring questionnaire, you simply pick 4 visual cards that best describe you and get an instant analysis. Play for yourself or with friends and colleagues and find out how you relate to each other.

The enneagram is a typology of human personality that has been used by millions around the globe. The eType cards is a patented card game that has been tested with thousands of individuals and will help you to better understand yourself and the ones around you.

Key Visual

Loading Screen

Home Screen

The cards on the table

Chose 4 cards that evoke strong feelings in you

You can also get rid of the cards you chose and replace with others

Your personal results journal

The open journal shows the results

The results library

Compare two types